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Social Media and Marketing Connectivity

The main objective of a business man is to earn cash from every possible need. They want to utilize the availability of social media to make cash and think of every other possible way to link social media and marketing with each other in terms of business transactions. Their concern is to find a network which will work best for their promotion or sales and make better relations with their clients. They want to use the social network sites to cater their product to the targeted audience and gain recognition.

It is vital and greatly beneficial for businesses to use SM to promote their businesses. The gains include that the business is exposed to the customers in a different and unique manner. It will avoid the typical method of catering the products through paid advertising. Also, this will make the customers visit the website of the business so chances of selling goods are more positive and high.

Through social media and marketing, the cost allocated in marketing expenses area is quite reasonable. It is directly proportional as it varies upon the time you market your product. The domain of social media is immensely large for businessmen. They can use it for other purposes too, like to target other websites and search engines. All of these tasks are separate from the job of getting customers to the website. As a result, all of these errands will work simultaneously, not interfering in each other work space.

The use of social media is even confirmed in the report of SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING INDUSTRY REPORT where it is stated that above 60% of businesses use social media to market their products. They are on internet for 10 hours or more weekly. They are busy indulged in marketing their products, diverting traffic to the website and make strong relationships with customers; old and new.

Talks related to social media will start its conversation with any fellow mate. Some use this resource to gather more information of others or some may used to stay in touch with their family and friends.

Social media and marketing connection methodology should be a part of regular business activity. Many tasks can be done online; invitations may be send online as now technology is preferred over snail mail.

Caution should be kept on what is written on these social sites as it is visible to all friends and family members. Messages and other information should be written in a professional tone as everyone can view the information and uploaded graphics.

Business can be promoted by using Facebook and Twitter in an effective manner. Blogs are popular too as they contain links of the business’s websites to which the customers may direct to. Other business promotions should not be present in your blog as it may create issues.

For a start, Facebook forums should be visited and information should be posted there. The data available to the viewers should be accurate and reliable.

70 Percent of Local Business Owners Market on Facebook – Not!

On March 1, 2011, a popular public relations website posted an article based on previously published research, claiming “70 percent of local-business owners market on Facebook.” The headline was shocking, the content equally bold, and the dialog that followed typical of the hype surrounding social media.

Readers began commenting almost immediately. One visitor challenged the assertion, suggesting it should not have been cited without investigation, and the site’s publisher quickly defended the post with a series of anecdotes about an 80-year-old t-shirt merchant, a few local bars and a family diner. From a neighboring state, the CEO of a marketing firm saw the publisher’s tweet and countered with his disbelief. Many of his followers echoed his skepticism.

Within days, this relatively obscure article had been “tweeted” 99 times, “liked” 35 times and “inShared” 117 times, as social media devotees echoed the good news: Facebook is king. Meanwhile, skeptics retaliated with posts of their own. Such is the power of social media. But one has to wonder how many of the people who shared, responded to, or blindly retweeted this post took the time to read the original press release on which it was based, or followed the author’s embedded links to the survey data, posted two weeks earlier. I suspect if they had, there would have been less activity, as a careful review of the data reveals a very different picture.

It all comes down to sample bias – a term used to describe the use of a skewed or non-random group as representative of the larger universe. In the case of this study, researchers confined the sample space to members of “the largest social network of local business owners in the U.S.” The key word, here, is “social network.”

Local business owners who choose to join (and remain active in) social networks would obviously be a subset of the larger universe of local business owners, and a survey of that subset would not likely be representative of the universe. The sampling was further skewed by the method chosen to distribute the survey invitations: email. So, those who participated in the survey would have had to be members of the subset of the social network (subset) who are loyal enough to open and act on emails from the organization. It’s not hard to see why these social networkers might be more likely to practice social media marketing than would local business owners who don’t even belong to social networks, much less participate in their surveys.

Using statistics drawn from a biased subset of local business owners to represent all local business owners is no more justifiable than drawing conclusions on the national rate of alcohol consumption from a survey of bar patrons.

The practice is, however, entertaining. And the results lend themselves well to viral distribution by social media enthusiasts.

In the social media world, mistakes like this are self-perpetuating, simply because they feed the buzz. But who pays the price for feeding the buzz? Perhaps those at greatest risk are the “followers” who view reposts as endorsements. So, next time you come across a startling discovery – particularly one that just doesn’t make sense – consider doing your friends and followers a favor, with the delete key.

5 Great Sales and Marketing Tips

All businesses need customers to buy from them. Whether you are just starting out or are already an established business you still need to make sure you can get new customers for your business when you need them.

An effective sales and marketing process is essential to generate fresh new leads and customers for your business There are 5 key tips to make the process of getting more people interested and then to convert them into paying customers.

Tip 1 Identify who your potential customers are

Take some time to consider who you are selling to. Who are the people most likely to buy what you are selling and who would you most like to sell to? Make sure you know who you are targeting so you can aim your marketing activities directly at them. You also need to consider where you can find these people to get your message in front of them.

Tip 2. What are they looking for?

Once you know who you are targeting then you need to work out what is important to them. If you can find out what your potential customers are looking for you can target your message to them. Your marketing activities should target their pain, desire, worry or concern. Of all of these targeting their pain is the most effective and the greater the pain the more likely they are to buy (and the more they will be prepared to pay).

Tip 3. An offer they can’t refuse

Make them an irresistible offer, something that offers great value at a low price (or even free) to get them interested. This needs to be something that targets their pain (or desire or fear) and demonstrates your ability to help further. Use this initial sale to start to build a relationship.

Tip 4 Meet their expectations.

Consider the language, phrases and terminology that they use and use it when communicating with them. Consider how they might expect you to dress, answer the telephone etc. Their desire to buy from you will be driven by their perception of you, your product and your business.

Tip 5. Make it easy for them to buy.

If they haven’t bought from you before they may be suspicious or concerned about your ability to match you claims. Look at ways to remove this or other concerns, guarantees, money back offers etc. Also make it easy to get in touch with you, or provide them with ways to buy when your not available.

Identifying Trends In Your Online Business Niche Market

Online business owners all know that competition is tough. Every day more and more websites go live to capture another segment of the market. Knowing how to laser target exactly where your most profitable niche markets are located will always be your top priority. There are many new technologies every day to help you mine marketing data to determine where the market is shifting. What is the best way for online business entrepreneurs to stay ahead of their competition?

Buying the latest and greatest new business intelligence technology can put a strain on any business model. Not having any technology to track your customer base can starve your business of much needed cash to survive. Retail giants for years have used technology to tell them of market shifts before they were seen at the cash register. Your online business needs the same ability to keep you ahead of your customers demands.

Investigating in this technology and then investing in it will allow you to leverage your customer base. There are two ways that you can invest in technology. The first is to find the software that will do all the work you need done. It may cost more money that you can afford to invest at this time in your business. The second involves you investing more time than money. This will allow you to fully understand the insights of your customer base. Then when you have the financial resources to purchase state-of-the-art technology you will better understand the data that it is providing.

The things that you will want to learn about your customer list are:

· Which customers are buyers?
· Which customers upgrade on an initial purchase?
· Which customers buy your entry level product and don’t upgrade?
· Which customers are the most profitable?
· Which customers are least profitable?
· What are your best selling products?
· What products are trending down on sales?
· What products are crossover buyers buying?
· Which products bring the fast purchase decisions from the launch of a campaign?

Once you have this data the next question is to find out the “why” to each result. Business Intelligence software will always be able to tell you the numbers but it will always boil down the “why” and only human intelligence will be able to solve that. Be prepared to question every decision and process that goes into building your sales funnel.

You can also piggy back off of online retail giants like eBay and Both provide what hot trends are in different markets. Look for the related products to your products and services and follow their lead. You can also see what books are trending up and use that as a source of information for creating new products. Always look for ways to leverage your business off anything that is given as public knowledge.

Small business owners must be flexible and highly responsive t developing trends. Staying informed in what is going on in your business and other businesses around you will help establish you as an industry leader in your niche market.

May I wish you great experience rather than great luck? Great experience is what determines the outcome of any luck that you may have. For more great tips and advice on how to grow your online business check out the resource box below and then join our blog.

How to Achieve Maximum Success with Options

Things That You Should Know About Property Adjusters

Every year, there are many people who find the need to file property damage claims with their insurance partners and annually, there are more and more homeowners and business owners who are finding the need to ask for the services for property insurance claim adjusters in places like Davenport IA and in anywhere else. One of the many reasons why people do these is because more and more policyholders are seeing the abilities of insurance companies to provide assistance for them financially when dealing with property loss claims.

In many parts of the country, insurance claim adjusters in places like Davenport IA go with various ways. For instance, these service professionals are sometimes referred to as independent claim adjusters in some parts of the nation. But whatever names they are called, they will all do the exact same job, which is always to represent a client in getting the maximum amount on what they deserve from the partner insurance company. Whether you need assistance for your theft claims, calamity claims, catastrophe claims or some types of property damage claims, a good property adjuster in areas like Davenport IA can be able to work directly with the policy holder.

There is a huge difference between adjusters who work for insurance institutions and those who provide property adjustment claims assistance as adjusters. It is the insurance company’s responsibility to pay for the services of their adjusters. This means that these adjusters lay down their services for the insurance company itself. Meanwhile, property claims adjusters are those people who work for clients who are policy owners and they have their best interests in mind. Depending on the preferences and choices that the clients will make, there are great and varied differences when talking about the property loss claims that are given to policy holders.
Learning The “Secrets” of Experts

There is an increasing number of people who are asking for the assistance of property adjusters when it comes to their claims and filing for damages, but there are other times that they can be utilized as well. In several areas, policy holders are said to have up to half a decade to reopen insurance claims. In these scenarios, the reevaluation of the damage from a past claim can be done by property adjusters, and then decide whether there are still chances that the funds can be awarded by a certain insurance companies. There are clients who choose to reopen their claims because their past claims for damages have not been paid completely, and they can do this in order to recover additional and unpaid funds.
The Path To Finding Better Services

For your past and ongoing claims, experts believe that it is still better to ask help and services from property adjusters.